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State Licensing Information

NALLOA provides a free educational seminar, open to all, in conjunction with the National Auctioneer Association (NAA) Conference and Show. Along with the summer meeting, they hold a Zoom meeting every January and all members of NALLOA are invited and encouraged to participate.

Online Education

At auction school, you will learn industry best practices from leading auctioneers, business professionals, and public speakers. When researching schools, find a school that will invest in your success as an auctioneer. A school where qualified instructors teach offers a quality education and limits the class size so that students receive one-on-one time with each instructor are characteristics to keep in mind.


Should I sell by Auction or Traditional Listing?

The choice is yours! With United Country, you have the flexibility to present your property for sale in many ways. Consult with us to determine which is best for your needs.


Auction Guide 101

Follow these ten simple steps to understand auctioning to be productive and successful!