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For over 95 years, United Country has been an innovator and leader in real estate marketing. As the only national real estate brand focused on unique marketing for lifestyle, resort, vacation, small town and rural real estate, we offer something that the others don’t.

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With more than 500 offices across the United States and Central America, United Country provides agents with an unmatched network. Our 4,000 agents across the country have created a strong referral network benefiting agents and clients alike.

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We definitely feel like the differentiators in this area. The United Country brand is really helping us get listings. It’s an impressive presentation to show prospective sellers. In addition, these tools are helping our sellers get more leads. We are really happy. I spent a number of years competing in the market without anything unique to offer. So, it’s been very helpful for me to be able to have all of these tools to be able to back up what I’m saying to clients.

Bill Stanley