Comprehensive marketing to grow your real estate career

Reaching Buyers Beyond Your Local Area

At United Country Real Estate, we provide real estate agents with the marketing tools and systems to win more listings and earn more commissions in their market. The marketing solutions provided by United Country will quickly and clearly show your customers what you can do for them – and what other real estate professionals can’t offer.

We have continually innovated our offerings, providing new and unique marketing programs for our agents.

Highly ranked websites focus on customers’ real estate needs, allowing them to shop by property type and location. You’ll also have a powerful agent website, advertising on over 3,500 top-ranked and heavily trafficked websites, free access to over 1 million buyer leads, national print advertising of your listings, access to direct mail programs, signs, marketing tools, listing presentations, advertising templates, marketing strategies, niche marketing experts, logoed merchandise and much more.

Broader exposure for your local listings.

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In addition, Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS) is a subsidiary of United Country Real Estate offering complete real estate advertising agency services for special listings, auctions or your office team. This includes custom designs and campaign development for our agents and offices around the country. Through a comprehensive suite of solutions, our EMS builds momentum for your individual projects when needed and helps get them sold.

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from our brokers

We definitely feel like the differentiators in this area. The United Country brand is really helping us get listings. It’s an impressive presentation to show prospective sellers. In addition, these tools are helping our sellers get more leads. We are really happy. I spent a number of years competing in the market without anything unique to offer. So, it’s been very helpful for me to be able to have all of these tools to be able to back up what I’m saying to clients.

Bill Stanley