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Jim Jones: Hi, I’m Jim Jones. I’m the Area Vice President for United Country Real Estate in the Midwest, covering eight states. We’re here in Wisconsin today and we have some franchises open in the Midwest. I’m here with two of my franchisees today. We have Travis Hamele and Josh Genz, who’s relatively new in the franchise process – three years or so, right Josh?

Josh Genz: Yep.

JJ: And so, (I’m) just kind of interested, what attributes does it take to be successful, especially in the rural real estate business?

JG: Yeah, I think there’s a couple things. Typically, you’re looking at someone who’s a self-motivated, driven individual, probably more entrepreneurial in spirit. They want to run their own business but they maybe want some more infrastructure, some processes, some support. And I think that’s what brings a lot of people to real estate – obviously the appeal that you can be your own boss. I just think the self-driven, motivated person is really gonna be the one who’s successful with it. Do they fit the culture and core values that we have within ourselves and our company and what we hold ourselves to for our clients? But then also obviously the things Travis has built with UC Hunting Properties. That brand alone has brought in a lot of top talent (which fits) the kind of property types we cover, and Travis may be able to touch base on that.

Travis Hamele: Yeah, it’s what we’ve created … I mean our name says a lot of what it is, “Midwest Lifestyle Properties,” you know in four states inside United Country. That’s what people look for and what we look for whether it’s clients, buyers, sellers, other agents looking to come aboard … and any other offices that we’ve kind of merged together with. They’re looking at the lifestyle of real estate; that’s where real estate is going, I mean it is a lifestyle. If you’re into condos, into land, country homes, residential … I mean, Josh’s lifestyle is different than mine. Jim’s is different than (either of us). Together we have like-minded things we do but our overall lifestyles are different and that’s what attracts not only the buyers and sellers to us, but other agents and things like that because we promote the lifestyle through the properties and the marketing and also with our agents.

JJ: Well, I think like today, we’re close to the Wisconsin Dells, a great area, a destination tourist area. We’re on this beautiful farm. Big lake right there. Great views all day. I think a lot of people would appreciate this type of setting.

JG: I think it really pulls in the culture aspect of it. We talked about it during training – that this is what we do (JG’s arms pointing to surrounding land). We could be in some fancy casino, hotel, or wherever that might be but (instead) this is what we do. It’s our lifestyle and that pours into not only our core values and our culture but it pours into our agents and our families, our clients obviously and then with United Country that’s a huge play just to be in a specialty property group.

TH: Yeah, in looking at it, I’ve been part of other real estate firms and things like that over my years but I never had the president of the company come to one of our trainings and give the insight – you know, what Mike did today. You don’t have that many other franchise broker systems out there. Along with what Josh and I bring for training, everybody came in here today and it’s just been a great thing.

JJ: Really impressive group. So again, I’d say if you’re interested in looking into a franchise and selling real estate and making that your career, either as an agent or owning your own business, feel free to give us a call. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

JG: Appreciate it, Jim, absolutely.

TH: Thank you.

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