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Advantages of Becoming a Rural Real Estate Agent

Are there any advantages of pursuing a career as a rural real estate agent?  What is the upside to rural real estate? These questions are often asked by agents considering joining United Country Real Estate and the answer is simple.  Yes, there is a significant difference between the work of a rural real estate agent vs those working in urban areas.

Flexibility and Lower Pace

Unlike their counterparts in urban areas, rural real estate agents enjoy a work-life balance that is often difficult to achieve in fast-paced city environments. The general setting of rural areas allows agents to have more control over their schedules, enabling them to efficiently manage their personal and professional lives.

Long-term, this improves overall job satisfaction and delivers better customer service. The schedule offers a lot more flexibility as walking a piece of farmland or hunting land with a client can happen anytime, and it does not require the same precise scheduling as touring a single-family home.

Variety of properties including land and farms

The diverse range of properties that rural real estate agents encounter brings a lot of interest to this line of work. Each client and story is unique and from selling legacy ranches to residential homes, each day delivers an exceptional experience. This diversity helps our agents in expanding their overall skills as real estate professionals.

Selling land comes with an opportunity to grow as a subject-matter expert whether it is agricultural properties, hunting land, or commercial land.

If you have experience or general knowledge in managing land, becoming a rural expert may be the right career path. A significant amount of our agents and brokers possess knowledge about soil quality, irrigation systems, livestock facilities, and zoning regulations.

And what is the biggest benefit of touring country homes set in large fields surrounded by nothing but nature?  The views.  There is nothing that compares to walking the land on a crisp Friday morning.  What other career allows you to enjoy sunsets and sunrises in the country’s most beautiful areas?

Building close connections with the sellers and buyers

In rural real estate, it’s not about the numbers, fast sales, or commission pressure.  It’s always about the client.  Whether you are helping a couple move out of the city and into their perfect country home, or a father-son duo looking to purchase the perfect trophy-producing land, you build close connections with your clients.

It may take more time to find the perfect location and piece of land, but once you do, the reward is much more than the sale transaction.  In the process, you have often found a lifelong friend.

Rural real estate agents receive more referrals than any other agents and brokers in real estate. Building trust is a crucial aspect of relationships with clients and these translate directly into unforgettable experiences.  Being a rural real estate agent rarely feels like a job.  It’s more a pursuit of perfection in helping others in reaching their lifelong dreams.

Being known in the community

Being recognized and respected within the local community is a great part of rural property sales and management, as it facilitates trust and establishes a strong reputation.

Rural real estate agents often closely participate in local events, engaging with residents, and supporting community initiatives.  Their knowledge of real estate is greatly appreciated and they are often included in the city’s council boards to help with budget planning and execution.

This involvement not only helps agents establish themselves as trusted members of the community but also provides opportunities to showcase their local expertise. Through these positions agents and brokers also gain insights into the unique characteristics of the area, such as market trends, zoning regulations, and potential investment opportunities.

Great Opportunities for Growth

Real Estate income is often volatile and heavily depends on interest rate fluctuations and the current state of the market.  Rural real estate comes with a lot more stability.  It’s impervious to the large swings seen in urban markets. Often properties like hunting and recreational land or second homes are all-cash transactions that don’t get affected by the state of the market. The buyers often make this purchase regardless of the interest levels, as it’s a luxury purchase, not their first home.

There are many opportunities to grow in this unique market and rural real estate comes with significant benefits. Active involvement in the community can also enhance job satisfaction by fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

If real estate is your career path, remember that there are alternatives to the urban setting.  From country homes to stunning coastal and golf properties, United Country Real Estate offers unmatched opportunities to grow in your field, all while enjoying the most stunning views.

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